MPD 600

Advanced partial discharge measurement and analysis system

Satisfied Customers Worldwide

The MPD 600 PD measurement and analysis system is used worldwide for type and quality control testing at many well-known manufacturers of electrical equipment. It is also used by utilities, industrial plants and service companies for the regular inspections and maintenance of electrical equipment. The MPD 600 is also an important research tool at test laboratories and universities.  

Key Features

    • Unsurpassed immunity to interference for partial discharge measurements, even under difficult operating conditions
    • High measurement accuracy thanks to completely digital data processing
    • Safe operation through use of fiber optic cables for complete galvanic isolation
    • Recording and playback of measurements with full function control
    • IEC 60270-compliant partial discharge measurement, confirmed by an independent testing institute

MPD 600 at a Glance

Meets industry standards

Fault recording Trigger conditions start the recording of conventional signals and network traffic. DANEO 400 works unattended and rearms itself to detect further fault occurrences. Distributed measurements are performed with multiple time synchronized devices.

System verification

DANEO 400 verifies the connectivity of IEC 61850 devices and the presence of GOOSE and Sampled Values messages in accordance with the substation configuration provided in SCL format.

Reliable noise filtering

The MPD 600 provides you with a free choice of measurement frequency and bandwidths to maximize measurement sensitivity in environments with high interference.

Advanced analysis tools

The MPD 600 uses advanced graphical tools, such as 3PARD (3-Phase Amplitude Relation Diagram), to separate multiple partial discharge sources for reliable fault detection.

High-performance Partial Discharge Testing

The MPD 600 is an advanced partial discharge (PD) measurement and analysis system. It can be used for many different PD testing applications on electrical equipment. The modular system enables both single- and multi-channel PD measurements in test labs and in the field. All measurement signals are recorded, analyzed and displayed at the same time. Advanced noise suppression and source separation techniques ensure that only PD pulses from the test object are analyzed. 


    • Transformer testing
    • On-site testing and fault localization in cables
    • Gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) with extension (also in the UHF range)
    • Measurements on rotating machines
    • Lab measurements on medium and high-voltage components


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