High precision micro-ohmmeter MIKO-21

MIKO-21 is designed for high precision measurements of DC electrical resistance in the range from 0.1 µΩ to 2 Ω with an accuracy of ±0.05% and can test


MIKO-21 is designed for high precision measurements of DC electrical resistance in the range from 0.1 µΩ to 2 Ω with an accuracy of ±0.05% and can test: contacts of high-voltage circuit breakers of all types and voltage classes; contactors, relays, busbars, various bolted connections, welded joints, brazed joints; elements of equipment for open and closed switchgears in extreme electric and magnetic field conditions; in research laboratories and industrial workshops. MIKO-21 is ahead of similar devices represented on the market due to a number of functional and technical features. For example, special measuring technologies ensure MIKO-21 compliance with the most stringent accuracy requirements. MIKO-21 is ideally applicable for high precision resistance tests in the µΩ range.

Key Features

  • Single is started once the cable clamps are contacted to the tested object and followed by pressing the START button.
  • Auto single circuit is initiated by pressing the START button. The instrument will start measurement when the electric contact between the tested circuit and the test cable contacts is set. The test can be repeated by pressing the START button again.
  • Periodic is used in pre-specified time intervals when both hands are occupied with cable probes pressing against the test points. The user can choose time interval between the tests. The instrument will work continuously until the user stops the mode.
  • Auto periodic circuit is initiated by pressing the START button and used for continuous measurements. The user connects the current cable, and as soon as the potential contacts are connected, the measurement will start automatically. To repeat a test, simply break contact with potential probes and reconnect.

Battery-operated power supply, light weight and size

Battery power, low weight and small dimensions ensure complete independence and high mobility of the device in the vast territory of the substation or workshop, and the built-in memory for 2,000 measurements greatly simplifies the process of diagnostics and data transfer from the substation into the company office

Color graphic touch-screen display

Color graphic display of high brightness ensures easy reading on a sunny day, whereas intuitively understandable interface with a multi-sensor display simplifies the instrument use. The Instrument can be manipulated either from the keyboard or from the multi-sensor display, as suits.

Automatic storage of measurement results

he instrument contains a built-in database that contains nominal values of high-voltage circuit breakers indicating the maximum and/or minimum permissible values ​​of contact resistance. There are also the nominal values for rejected resistors indicating the acceptable values ​​of the upper and lower thresholds of resistance.

Variable instrument complete set

For convenient connection to the object, there are special test cables of different lengths and different types of clamps: Test cables with Kelvin clamps for high voltage circuit breakers up to 110 kV 2 m long (standard complete set); Test cables with Kelvin double hand spikes 1.5 m long for measurement in pipelines and interrupting chambers (recommended when the device is placed near the circuit breaker); Test cables with Kelvin C-clamps for circuit breakers from 10 kV to 220 kV 4.5 m and 6 m long (recommended when the device is placed near the circuit breaker); Test cables that consist of a cable with Kelvin clamp and Kelvin C-clamp for circuit breakers from 220 kV to 750 kV 3m / 6m or 9m long (recommended when the device is places in a cradle of a lift); Test cable for precise measurements and measurements on sections of the electric circuit, to the end points of which the test current is applied.


0.1 µΩ – 2 Ω



Not more than 2


AC 90-264, 47-63 Hz DC 127-370 V


Li-ion battery

More than 8

Less than 2

2000 measurements

Color graphic display, touch-screen, 480 x 272 pix

(-20) – (+50)