Advanced precision milli-ohmmeter MIKO-9A

MIKO-9A milli-ohmmeter is developed to measure DC resistance in the range 1 µOhm – 30 kOhm with test current up to 10 А for: Windings of power and measurement transformers, windings of electric motors, generators, linear compensators and windings of other high-inductance equipment; Contacts of circuit breakers, resistors, buses and other inductance-free circuit; Equalizing, current limiting and other resistors of high-voltage circuit bre­akers; Сables.


Depending on the type of object, special measurement modes can be selected. For a resistive object, the modes are completely similar to the MIKO-8М(А), and for an inductive object, in addition to the two modes MANUAL and AUTO 1Ph, you can select AUTO 3Ph and 2 WINDINGS. AUTO 3Ph makes it possible to simultaneously connect to the three phases of the transformer and take measurements with automatic switching between them.This mode allows you to reduce the number of ascents and descents from the object. AUTO 1Ph and AUTO 3Ph modes have SKB EP patented automatic measurement method that guarantees results with the highest accuracy. 

Key Features

MIKO-9A has a built-in archive of up to 200 measurements for viewing, copying or deleting data. And thanks to the possibility of choosing an object at the measurement stage, the results are presented more systematically. This facilitates interaction with the archive. The group of MIKO-7M(A), MIKO-8M(A) and MIKO-9(A) instruments has a number of automatic calculation functions:

  • Auto & calculation of Rphase between one another.
  • Auto conversion of Rlinear to Rphase. Linear windings are Delta or Star/Wye (with no neutral) connected.
  • Auto correction of R measured at t° to R at t°p. Auto δ calculation between Rcorrected and Rp.
  • Auto calculation of t° by its R.

AUTO Demagnetization Mode

Demagnetization mode is designed to eliminate the rem- nant magnetism of the transformer magnetic core. It is compulsory before open-circuit test, short-circuit loss measurement, transformation ratio measurement, etc. The instrument can be used for demagnetization of both single-phase and three-phase transformers. Magnetic core demagnetization requires alternating current applied to the corresponding winding bidirectionally.

Autonomy, touch display, remote control and bluetooth data Transfer

The instrument can be powered from the mains (110÷220, 330V) - model MIKO-9 - or from an built-in battery - MIKO-9A. Color graphic display of high brightness ensures easy reading on a sunny day, whereas intuitively understandable interface with a sensor display facilitates the instrument use. The Instrument can be manipulated either from the film keyboard or from the sensor display, as suits.

High level of protection and safety Conformity

MIKO-9A has the safety certificate IEC 61010-1. The instrument also meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility that are applied to class A instruments according to IEC 61326-1. The instrument has a high degree of protection against: test cable or mains cable breakdown; excess of measuring current; emf of self-induction; overheat of the test block

Heat Run Test

The test is performed by continuous measurement and periodic result saving of the transformer winding R (recalculated to t°) during the cooling process of the winding. To receive the most reliable information about the max winding t° the User should connect the instrument to the winding and start the measurement immediately after the transformer heating is stopped. Berofe the start of the measurement process the User has to specify winding, phase, max measurement dura- tion, frequency of measurement results saving, winding R and t° under normal conditions. Correlation between the winding t° and the time can be represented in tabular or graphical form. The time is counted from the moment of the measurement start. Heat run test stops automatically on expiry of preset test duration or manually by the User


1 μΩ ÷ 30 kΩ

0,1 μΩ

±(0.1%+0.5 μΩ)

0.0005 ÷ 10



Li-ion battery



up to 1000 measurements

Color graphic TFT touch, 800 x 480 pixels



AC 90-253V, 47-63Hz, DC 127-354V

-20 ÷ +55