Milli-ohmmeter MIKO-7M(A)

Resistance measurement in inductive and non-inductive circuits in the range of 1 μOhm ÷ 2 kOhm


The MIKO-7M(A) milliometer is developed to measure DC resistance in the range from 1 µOhm ÷ 2 kOhm for the current of up to 10А for: Windings of power and measurement transformers, windings of electric motors, generators, linear compensators and windings of other high-inductance equipment; Contacts of circuit breakers, resistors, buses and other inductance-free circuits; Equalizing, current limiting and other resistors of high-voltage circuit bre­akers; Сables. The device provides a fully automated process of measuring the resistance of a high inductive load and compensation of thermoelectric power in the external circuit.

Key Features

Depending on the object type, you can sel­ect special measurement modes. For example, for a resistive object:

  • AUTO: the measurement starts automa­tically by the circuit closed.
  • SINGLE: the measurement starts upon the User’s comman (by pressing the START button).

For an inductive object, the User can also select one of two mo­des:

  • MANUAL: start and stop of the measurement are conducted manually by pressing the START button.
  • AUTO: the measurement is initiatated by pressing the START button and will stopes automatically if criterium specified is reached. 

High level of protection and safety conformity

MIKO-7M (A) has the safety certificate IEC 61010-1. The instrument also meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility that are applied to class A instruments according to IEC 61326-1.

Bluetooth data transfer and control

The received data can be synchronized with a special mobile application or the cloud via Bluetooth. The mobile application will allow you to maintain and systematize the enterprise measurement database, provide additional automatic calculations based on the measured data, and also make it possible to control the device remotely.

Two modifications of the instrument with different types of power

For customer’s choice the MIKO-7M milliohmmeter has two modifications: with an in-built battery (MIKO-7MA) and without an in-built battery (MIKO-7M). The device can also be powered from the mains (≃ 110-220, 330V).

Variable instrument configuration

To select the User and the convenience of connecting to the object, measuring cables of different lengths and different types of clamps/fasteners are specially designed: Current cable 1 x 8.5 m with crocodile clips (jaw up to 80 mm); Current cable 1 x 8.5 m with a G-clamp (jaw up to 103 mm) for connection to transformer; Current cable 1 x 4 m with crocodile clips (jaw up to 25 mm) for resistance measurement of CT and VT windings; Current cable 1 x 3 m. Weight 0.5 kg. With 2 crocodile clips (jaw up to 25 mm) and 2 removable probes (length: 70 mm, plug: 3 mm) for transient resistance measurement of CT and VT contact joints and windings.


1 μΩ ÷ 10 kΩ

0,1 μΩ

±(0,1%+0,5 μΩ)

0.1 µOhm


0,01 ÷ 10A


Li-ion battery



up to 200 measurements

Monochrome, 128 x 64 dots



~ 90-253 V, 47-63 Hz = 127-354 W